Small Groups

Small Groups

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Introducing the AWTC Small Groups pilot program

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All AWTC Small Groups are full, and registration is closed.

Embark on a journey of professional growth unlike any other with AWTC’s one-of-a-kind small group experiences.  

These groups will become your trusted enclave—a safe haven to share your challenges, refine your career trajectory, and foster meaningful connections.  These small group experiences are designed to help our members with knowledge, shared insight, connection, co-creation, co-sponsorship, and professional opportunities.

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The AWTC Small Groups pilot program is limited to 24 (four groups of six) people and being offered at a discounted $200 rate (scholarships available). Registration closes on May 24, 2024, or when all spots are full. 

As we build our careers, nothing is more powerful and rewarding than having a strong professional community of peers to collaborate with, learn from, and support along the way. — Moira Edwards, MS, CAE, AWTC chair

Why Small Groups?

Simply put, this new AWTC program is about the power of connection. AWTC members stress the pivotal role of building relationships in career advancement. Through our small group model, we will cultivate enduring connections that propel your professional journey.  

These groups allow members to confidentially support each other, share their professional roadmaps, and bring their unique challenges to problem-solve together. 

What you can expect 

Participants will be divided into four dynamic cohorts of six people. Each group will gather virtually for nine sessions between June 2024 and February 2025.  The first two sessions will be guided by executive coach and career strategist Jen Lewi, MBA, CAE, ACC, of Design Your Next Step. Group members will take turns peer-facilitating the remaining seven sessions. While AWTC offers templates and guidance, you're encouraged to shape your experience as you see fit.

Groups are composed of AWTC members at different career stages and in different roles and functions, providing diverse perspectives and valuable insights to propel your professional development. 

To accommodate busy schedules and members from all over the country, all sessions in the pilot program will be held virtually. 

Ready to commit to advancing your professional roadmap?

Benefits of Small Group Experiences

Questioning why you need a formal group? Let’s unwrap the perks:

Accountability: These women will be your professional accountability buddies, who will ensure you stay committed to your career goals and take tangible steps forward.

Tailored Support: Together, your group will navigate your real-life challenges, refine career trajectories, and actively contribute to each other’s professional growth.

Whole-Self Engagement: This environment will provide the opportunity to truly embody your authentic self (not just your “work self") in a inclusive, supportive space. It’s a time to deepen connections—because, for women in particular, work and life are intertwined when shaping careers. 

How does it work? 

Let’s get started! Your journey begins with two sessions led by an experienced facilitator. Afterward, your group takes the reins, organizing subsequent sessions with peer facilitation.  

Now we’re going! Group members rotate in organizing sessions, following a structured guide provided during the initial meetings with the chosen facilitator. This collaborative approach empowers your group to tailor the experience to meet your specific goals and needs. 

Wait, we have to end? Once the small group commitment concludes, you're encouraged to continue fostering connections and support in ways that resonate with you, extending the benefits of your experience as you see fit. 

Take time for you!