What is AWTC?

Association Women Technology Champions (AWTC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Together, we empower, advance, and recognize women working to champion technology in associations.

Do you have a parent organization?

Nope! We are a completely independent group organized by our own Board of Directors. Many of us are members of, volunteer for, or work for groups like ASAE and Association Forum, but we are not formally affiliated with or run by those organizations.

Do you accept sponsorships?

We do, in fact, and we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to reach out to any of our organizers directly or email us collectively at info@awtc.tech.

What’s an AWTC event like?

Those in the association community (association professionals and industry partners) who support the AWTC mission are welcome to participate in our events.

Who should attend AWTC events?

AWTC events are a chance for association women to learn and connect with each other in a relaxed, small group.

Are vendors or consultants allowed?

We welcome anyone, regardless of their type of employer, as long as they are committed to contributing in a genuine, productive, and supportive manner. Our group is vendor- and platform-agnostic and will always be that way.

Can I volunteer to speak?

Yes, please! We really want to highlight as many voices as possible. If you’re interested in speaking, let us know so we can talk about your topic idea. Email events@awtc.tech.

Can I suggest a topic without offering to speak?

Of course! We’re very interested in topics that encourage us to dig deep to find a subject matter expert and make new friends in the process. We’re also not averse to featuring speakers from outside the association space if there’s someone you know who would be a great fit for your suggested topic. Email events@awtc.tech.

Can I volunteer to be on a committee?

Yes, we issue a call for volunteers every November. Alerts about the call are posted in Slack, on social media, and by email.

How can I start a chapter in my area?

We're not sure yet! Let us know that you're interested by emailing info@awtc.tech, and we'll keep you informed as we figure out how it works.

Have a Question?

If you have a question not answered above, please email info@awtc.tech.