Expectations, Code of Conduct, & Attendance Policy

Expectations, Code of Conduct, & Attendance Policy

In AWTC’s small groups, you’ll build a strong sense of community, trust, and openness with fellow group members, while advancing your career roadmap alongside other professionals in the association technology field. Our focus is on delving into our modern workplace challenges, co-creating and finding solutions together while building strong connections.

To ensure everyone has a positive experience, we’ve outlined the following expectations and code of conduct:

Successful group of business women engaged in productive discussion
Expectations and Code of Conduct

We expect all members to prioritize creating an inclusive space and to treat each other with respect at all times. Please make the time and space for each person to share their experiences.

This is a confidential community built on trust and safety, so please refrain from:

  • Sharing small group discussions outside of the small group (what happens in the small group, stays in the small group.)
  • Excessive self-promotion or promotion of one’s organization/consultancy.
  • Sharing or misusing members’ personal contact information.

AWTC is committed to fostering an inclusive environment where all members feel safe and respected. As such, we strictly prohibit any form of hateful or illegal behavior, including harassment, discrimination, derogatory, or racist remarks. Our zero-tolerance policy ensures swift action, and the AWTC team reserves the right to terminate membership and participation in small groups immediately should someone engage in such behavior.

Attendance Policy

Attendance is a key ingredient for making the most out of your small group journey. We truly value your commitment and want to ensure everyone gets the full benefit of the experience. With that in mind, we've crafted an attendance policy to keep things running smoothly while being mindful that life can sometimes throw curveballs.

Don't skip meetings. Participants are expected to attend all meetings. Consistent attendance helps maintain the group’s cohesion and ensures everyone’s professional roadmap stays on track. Additionally, in the first two sessions, we will set the stage, build connections, finalize which groups participants are facilitating, review templates for facilitation, and answer any questions. These initial meetings are vital for setting the stage and building connections in the group. We want to make sure everyone is set up for success. If something urgent comes up and you need to miss more than two meetings, let us know, we are here to support you if there is an extenuating circumstance.

Be punctual and present, with cameras on. Participation is a key aspect of the small group dynamic. Showing up time and staying for the entire duration of each meeting ensures that everyone benefits fully and minimizes disruptions, so we kindly ask you to be punctual and fully present. We encourage members to join via video where possible and please keep cameras on during the sessions. This helps create a sense of connection and engagement, making it a more collaborative experience for everyone.