Podcasting Unplugged: Ready to Amplify Your Association’s Voice?

As one of the fastest growing digital mediums today, podcasting presents a great opportunity for associations to educate, influence and entertain an industry audience of members and non-members alike. But, is podcasting right for your association? From getting started to identifying the right type of podcast for your association, this session offers practical insights on crafting, producing, and promoting your association's podcast, featuring real-life examples of successful association podcasts. Gain valuable understanding of non-dues revenue implications and the role of podcasts in enhancing the member journey. Uncover whether podcasting is the right fit for your association and unlock the potential for meaningful engagement.

Join us Thursday, March 28 noon EST.

Colby Horton is a digital publishing veteran with 24 years of experience in the association space. He’s a journalist turned marketer and understands the importance of strategic content and its place within an association-centric marketing funnel. As a writer, interviewer, podcast host and creative thinker, he founded Association Briefings in 2020 to help the association community position their unique brand stories within the member journey, and amplify their voices within the industries they served. Today, he guides the company’s overall strategic, editorial, and technical direction and brings freshness, clarity and quality to an industry of products and services geared towards member engagement.

Frank Humada is a seasoned leader in relationship management with over 17 years of experience in the association space. Specializing in association communication solutions and non-dues revenue, he has cultivated deep connections with hundreds of association executives. As a key member of the Association Briefings executive team, Frank is dedicated to expanding the company's partnerships and forming strategic alliances within the industry. With a bachelor's degree in communication from Texas A&M University, he brings a strong understanding of storytelling and technology to his work. Based in the Dallas area, Frank is passionate about running, travel, and his beloved San Antonio Spurs.


Mar 28 2024


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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